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Pet Friendly Furniture


National Cat and Dog Day is rapidly approaching. Even if you regularly spoil your dogs and cats on a daily basis, this day is a great opportunity to demonstrate your thanks for them and treat

them like genuine "bosses". However, when it comes to upgrading your living room furniture, there are numerous factors to consider, especially if you have a pet. Cats and dogs may harm your living room furniture in a variety of ways. Your pets are really notorious for leaving scratches, hair, and other odd messes all around the house, particularly on your sofa. This can cause couches and chairs to seem old and haggard in as little as a matter of weeks, which is not ideal. It is critical that you select the greatest sofa for your home and cherished companions.

In any pet-friendly setting, sustainable, animal-friendly furniture is a requirement. Choosing the proper sofa for active pets may be even more challenging. So, unless you want to limit your best friend to the backyard, and unless you want your new sofa to be quickly ruined, you should invest in the best living room sofa. Fortunately, our high-quality pieces from our Feather Line are both pet-friendly and fashionable, so you don't have to pick between the two. Here are some options and things to think about.

It’s Water-Resistant

When you have dogs, a water-resistant sofa cover is a must to keep things clean. You know how it feels when you spill something on your favorite piece of furniture and there's no turning back? The stain has become a member of the family. Sofas are always susceptible, whether it's you who likes to sip your orange juice on the couch or your dogs that track their muddy paws all over the place.

If you have dogs, the Loft Sofa + Ottoman is also an excellent piece of furniture. This is not just an eye-catching display piece for any lounge, but it is also a delight to live with. It's much softer than a regular couch, with stain-proof, water-resistant, anti-scratch technological leather that's 14 times stronger than real leather. Any pet will appreciate the coziness!

It’s Stain-Proof

Even if your pets do not wind up damaging the furniture, the layer of shed hair and the occasional stain they leave behind may cause it to look heavily used and older than it actually is. Drooling pets (*cough* Great Danes) can leave huge stains on couch and chair textiles. Urine can also cause issues. Even well-trained pets may drip a few droplets of urine on the sofa when they return inside.

Check out our Feathers U-Sectional. You will enjoy the features that come with it. For instance, as with our entire feathers line, it has water-resistant and stain proof fabric — in other words, stress alleviation. And would you believe it's also long-lasting? It's handcrafted and easily available. You may thank famous Italian designer Mario Capasa for the look. Your lounge will like the elegant yet welcoming design.

It’s Entirely Machine Washable

The Feathers line is a fantastic pet-friendly option since you can toss the covers in the washer and know they will come out completely clean and looking great. To be called pet-friendly, furniture and textiles must be sturdy, simple to clean, and able to withstand high-traffic circumstances in areas such as a living or family room. The Feathers line does all of this with ease.

Think stain-proof, water-resistant, detachable, and washable covers, as well as anti-scratch pet-friendly fabric, and you've got the Apollo Sofa. It's also exceptionally study, with a solid oak frame designed to support 10 adults and an extra-wide armrest designed to hold trays or even an extra seat. You'll immediately realize that this robust construction doesn't come at the expense of softness. The goose feathers make it a very comfortable seat. Try it for yourself in a three- or four-person fit — with a dog and three cats!

Super Comfy, and Can Fit Into a Variety of Decor Themes

When we claim that The Feathers sofa is comfy, we mean it. When compared to other couches, this couch was found to be more than twice as soft as ordinary couches. The Feathers sofa is a well-liked couch that is significantly less costly than the average sofa. Sink into the HD memory foam and goose feathers, with back-rest cushions designed for optimum comfort.

Yes, pet-friendly couches can be fashionable as well! Because of the Feathers sofa's narrow back and bench seat, there are no rumpled cushions to flip and fluff. In addition, this stain-resistant fabric is composed of exceptionally soft natural fibers and is simple to clean. The light and dark neutral color options allow the Feathers pieces to fit into any color theme. The simple, elegant design fits seamlessly in a wide variety of decor styles including coastal, contemporary, MCM, boho, and many more.

Modular and Can Be Configurations To Fit Any Space

Finding the ideal sofa is a difficult process. Plus, when you make a large purchase, you want to know that it will meet your needs for many years to come. That's why modular couches are so great: they not only give hours of relaxation, from family movie nights to afternoon lounging, and just hanging out with your dogs or feline friends but they can also adjust to your spaital requirements. Modular couches are meant to shape-shift based on what you need right now, whether you're relocating, need some more seating, or simply want a springtime refresh.

Our Feathers collection is modular, meaning that it can be purchased in pieces and configured to fit your specific needs. The 88 inches sofa is designed to comfortably seat two people, the 110 inches is designed to comfortably fit four, the 142 inches is designed to comfortably fit six, and the 170 inches is designed to comfortably fit eight people plus your pets. Nobody is squeezing in. Additionally, you can purchase armless seats, corner seats and a chaise to build your own perfect seating area. The collection also includes beautiful and handcrafted items by Mario Capasa, a well-known Italian designer. Water-resistant, stain-resistant fabric that is completely detachable and machine washable makes the Feathers line ideal for pet owners.

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Owning Pets and Owning Beautiful Furniture

six dogs, some wearing pyjamas, sit on a Feathers washable sectional and look at the camera.
six dogs, some wearing pyjamas, sit on a Feathers washable sectional and look at the camera.

Credit: #📷 @banditandtheband

It might be difficult to find furnishings that can withstand the damage inflicted by your pet. We all like our furry friends, and we know you enjoy seeing them curled up and happy on your furniture. However, you also don't want to worry about them ruining it. Consider your pet's grooming habits before bringing in a new sofa. Some dog owners can take their pet to a groomer once a week for a wash and nail clipping. Some don’t, just remember to get those claws filed as well, so they don't tear up your furniture. Dust your dogs when they come in after playing in the yard or walking around the neighborhood. Consider letting them have their own entrance for less possibility of bringing dust or dirt into the house.

You may joyfully share your house with your favorite pets for years to come with a little care and a selection of high-quality performance furniture. Our sofas, chairs, sectional sofas, and sleeper couches are available in high-quality materials that are highly durable. We make furniture for you and your beloved furry friends in mind. We have a wide range of styles to select from, so you can choose a piece that will fit your pet’s needs while also complementing your decor. You really can have it all. Beauty, comfort, and pet-friendly furniture all in one and customizable to fit any space.

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