Double Duty Furniture for Small Spaces

Double Duty Furniture for Small Spaces


Furnishing a tiny room can be a difficult task. The objective is to choose the perfect furniture to contain your stuff without making your room seem tight. One of the most important laws of small-space living is to search for and invest in furniture items that can serve several functions.

If you don't have as many spare bedrooms as the Kardashians, you'll have to be inventive to accommodate everyone comfortably in your home. Small spaces come with a variety of problems, ranging from studio rooms to eating areas that may need to function as home offices. Many of these issues can be addressed with double-duty furniture. Here are some of our favorite hard-working furnishings.


Most tiny spaces don't have much space for clothing storage. Traditional wardrobes are often large and cumbersome. Dressers are vital. They are frequently used as a catch-all for socks, pajamas, and off-duty clothing such as jeans and T-shirts. Choosing the correct dresser is mostly about choosing a product that meets your needs and fits in your home.

Tall dressers take up less floor space and can be positioned near doorways, along a bedroom wall, or in corners. You may also choose a short, broad style and use the top as a nightstand or TV stand. You could install a mirror over it and use it as a dressing table, or keep other items on top, such as books, potted plants, or artwork.

Sideboard cabinet with drawers
Sideboard cabinet with drawers

Whichever design you choose, be sure to purchase a model with as many drawers and racks as feasible. Tall dressers sometimes offer less storage capacity than broad dressers. Triple dressers, on the other hand, are perfect for rooms that need a lot of storage. The Valka Dresser is ideal in this case. It has three convenient sliding drawers and two extra-large cabinets, as well as a plethora of ways to put it to use.

Sofa Bed

Bedroom space can sometimes be a commodity. When guests come to visit, it can be hard to accommodate them comfortably. That is why people are fascinated by changing furniture, especially beds that are both large and foldable.

Sofa beds have had a bad rap in the past, but today’s sofa beds can be surprisingly cozy and luxurious. In addition to added space for overnight guests, sofa beds are exceptionally useful for young people and those who live in smaller spaces. Think, studio apartment, first home in a new city, open floor plan lofts.

Sofa bed folding out into a luxurious full-size bed
Sofa bed folding out into a luxurious full-size bed

Take a look at the Spazio Sofa bed. This sofa seats six people and is unexpectedly roomy, with adjustable headrests, a reading unit, a touch-sensor light, a huge storage compartment, an air purifier filter, and an alarm clock – almost an entire apartment in one piece of furniture. Designed by renowned Italian designer Mario Capasa and made of full-grain Italian leather. The couch bed itself is quite comfortable, folding out into a sumptuous full-size bed. The Spazio will elevate your living area to new heights.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table completes and rounds off any living area. Coffee tables are utilitarian objects that can also be used to show off your flair. They may be used as temporary dining tables as well as catch-alls for mail, remote controls, books, and periodicals.

If you have recently purchased a new house, are remodeling, or are moving, it may be time to search for coffee tables. If you are just ready for a new look or want to increase your storage and organization it is definitely time to find a new coffee table. It's a great idea to get multifunctional coffee tables. The ideal one may be utilized for storage, as a place to rest your feet, or as a place to enjoy supper while watching TV.

Coffee table with a lot of storage
Coffee table with a lot of storage

With the Martel Living Room Set, you can store anything in style. No one would ever detect the concealed storage area in this modern, minimalist living room set. Your visitors will notice the Italian design, which has sleek lines, moody gray and black tones, and high-quality workmanship. The big lift-top storage compartments, the elevating coffee table tray, and scratch-resistant surfaces are built for on-the-sofa dining or laptop work.

Lifted Beds

There are different lifted beds available to suit the decoration of your house. A bed can be a focal point of the space or used to bring together all the pieces of the bedroom. High beds are also a significant long-term investment, even more so if you are considering moving or downsizing your home. The space under a raised bed is invaluable when you have a ton of things or a small amount of space, and especially if you have both.

Raised bed
Raised bed
Lifted beds have a large presence and create a striking image. That’s why it’s so important to find a bed that matches your style and looks great in your space. The Harbor Bed by Lemons & Me has a wide frame for spacious sleep, a light, breathable headboard, and plenty of storage room underneath. A raised bed can provide you with dozens of cubic feet of extra space in a bedroom that is worth every inch. Consider using a collection of baskets or bins that match the bed frame and your decor to keep a neat and tidy look.

Resolve That Storage Issue

Each of these pieces has a unique aspect that allows it to be more than meets the eye and pull double duty in your home. The furniture industry is becoming increasingly competitive. A basic ottoman with a dream can no longer survive. Now, if a piece of furniture wants to play a prominent part in your house, it must be a bit flexible with its job description which means it must provide both a place for you to rest and a place to store your belongings.

When compared to their regular equivalents, dual- or multi-purpose furniture go the additional mile. They serve at least two vital roles with the same compact footprint where space is at a premium. This is by no means an exhaustive list of stylish methods to conserve space. But, perhaps, your imagination will swing into high gear with your own ideas. You may even think of methods to add to or modify existing furniture.

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