Valyōu Furniture Gets Featured In Atomic Ranch Project House In Austin

Mid century modern media room designed with grey sectional sofa, white modern tv stand, low coffee table, and modern accent chair.

With such a unique selection of home decor and furniture at Valyōu, it’s no wonder leading Mid Century Modern (MCM) Design Publication, Atomic Ranch, has trusted them as a partner for one of their latest projects.

As experts in restoring mid century decor and infusing this style into home interiors, Atomic Ranch is a go-to for tons of tips and inspiration to help make mid century design dreams come true.

Mid century modern media room designed with grey sectional sofa, white modern tv stand, low coffee table, and modern accent chair.

Valyōu is known for their versatile, accessible furniture that can seamlessly Furnish Coastal-Inspired Interiors, act as Double Duty Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces, and elevate any room with High Quality Decor Collection. Furniture with these characteristics give design experts plenty of tools to furnish new spaces, including mid century modern designs.

Valyōu is proud to announce that they’ve furnished a room for the Atomic Ranch Project House: Austin – a beginning-to-end journey that constructed a mid century dream home.

What is Mid Century Modern Design?

According to The Spruce, Mid Century Modern design (often referred to as MCM) relates to popular, functional mid-20th century furniture styles. Simple wood pieces became a common material in design, and the creation of curved furniture pieces made from teak gained momentum during this time. Home interiors reflected the focus on family with furniture designed with clean lines and minimalistic qualities.

Mid Century Modern design evolved once World War II came to an end. A new era was on the horizon in the world of design – the combination of technology and mass production was on designers’ and architects’ minds, giving them a desire for new ideas and a positive outlook on the years ahead.

The MCM Vision

Designer Christine Turknett from Breathe Design Studio played a huge role in designing with mid century modern furniture for the Atomic Ranch Project House in Austin. She and the rest of the design team incorporated Valyōu furniture in the media room to complement the cozy, chic, mid century modern styling they set out on achieving.

The main living space in the house is without a TV, so the media room was styled to be the central hangout spot in the house. Christine notes that it’s a movie room for the kids to play in, with a clean, bright appeal and fun, retro vibe.

Valyōu provided popular products like the Shell Chair, Valona Media Table, and Valminimal Sectional to help furnish the media room – the design team mentions this selection “has all the right MCM hallmarks.” These products, like many of Valyōu’s items, exhibit a classic vintage style with an irresistible modern flair.

The Accent ChairLiving room set with modern accent chair wooden accent chair, wooden coffee table, round glass coffee table.

The Atomic Ranch design team chose the Shell Chair, a seat with a stunning appeal from all angles. It’s designed with eye-catching curves that take up just the right amount of space in the room Valyōu helped furnish with Atomic Ranch. The combination of the walnut veneer finish and Italian leather provide a smooth, charming contrast, which is perfect for the MCM appeal.

Accent chairs are trending furniture pieces in the world of interior design. With options to choose from different finishes, shapes, colors, and sizes, it’s easy to style your space with modern pieces that give any room in the house more personality.

Atomic Ranch designers paired the Shell Chair with a pop of color using a bold yellow pillow to tie in with the room accent colors. The final look truly stands out in the best way.

The Media TableLiving room set with modern tv stand with white gloss and wooden accents, plus wooden coffee table.

Finding a nice, solid media table that fits a TV but doesn’t take up too much room can be challenging. Fortunately, Valyōu Furniture offers a wide selection of modern TV stands that fit any style, like midcentury modern design.

Atomic Ranch designers found the Valona Media Table to be the perfect fit for their project with its sleek, glossy finish that exudes just enough elegance, plus clean, white, oaky undertones that create a classy contrast.

And the legs...

The smooth oak is sharply angled with a sophisticated appeal and against the gloss of this sideboard, the natural oak really pops. Storage compartments make this stylish piece even more appealing, which include two spacious cabinets and one sliding drawer. Keeping things nice and neat never looked so good!

And lastly, colorful pops of decor sit perfectly on top, while the length of the table seamlessly aligns with up to an 80” TV screen… something the whole family can enjoy.

The Valona Media Table gives the Atomic Ranch Project House in Austin an elevated look with gorgeous neutral accents and a fresh, modern, low profile design.

The SectionalLiving room set with grey sectional sofa, wooden coffee table, wooden accent chair, and coastal interior design.

The ValMinimal Sectional Sofa is certainly a cool, calm, and collected addition to the lounging area in the Atomic Ranch Home Project, Austin. Its Nordic-inspired design has soft three-layer foam cushions that are both comfy and cozy. The naturally finished Eucalyptus wood legs and textured fabric upholstery are inviting for everyone to take a seat, including kids and pets since the covers are removable and washable. The durable wood frame of this sectional is built to last and help keep your space tidy, too, with a lifted base for easy floor cleaning.

As a sectional, the Valminimal comfortably fits four or five with a wide width and low profile style, fitting right in line with the rest of the media room design and decor. The Atomic Ranch design team opted for the Valminimal in dark grey to mesh with the whole media room’s decor. For anyone looking for this style of sectional in a different color, this particular sectional is also available in beige, green, and light grey to fit in with all kinds of color palettes.

Sectional sofas are a trending search term for those in the market for new furniture. A sectional sofa adds dimension to any space, regardless of the size. Valyōu furniture offers a wide selection of modern sectional sofa designs, including their best-selling ones like the Feathers Sectional by Mario Capasa, Chubby U Sectional by Lemons & Me and Pebbles L Sectional.

The best part about sectional sofas is their modular design, which allows you to customize the size and shape to suit your living space as needed. You can learn more about buying modular seating here.

From breaking ground to finishing touches, Atomic Ranch captured the design and construction process of Project House: Austin to showcase the modern home reveal. The Project House mixes historic MCM architecture and interior style aspects with today's standards for efficiency and convenience.

You can see the process in the Atomic Ranch print magazine series, web articles, and posts on their social media.

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