Your Guide to Buying Modular Seating

Living room setting with U-shape white sectional sofa and small wooden side table.

Modular sofas are seating options that you can design specifically for your own space and needs. Often, a modular sofa is configured as a sectional sofa, but it can be made into more simple options like a loveseat or traditional sofa.

What makes modular seating so versatile and unique is that every part can stand alone regardless of your interior design. For example, a single corner piece can work as a chair or an anchor point to create an L-shape or U-shape sectional, while a backless seat can function as an ottoman or convert a single seat into a chaise. The U-Shape Chubby Sectional

The fun of modular seating is that - like a kid with a set of blocks - you can build whatever your heart desires. And, best of all, you can change your configuration and tailor it to meet your needs. Whether you’re entertaining and require different seating arrangements for an evening or you’re moving and your new space has a completely different layout than your current one, modular seating gives you more options and convenience than any other type of seating.

If you’re looking to buy a modular set, or just want to play around with some new, fun designs, here are a few things to keep in mind while you build and shop.

The size of your space

When you’re shopping to furnish a room, it’s important to find pieces that fit your space well. Oversized furniture can block doors, cut off walking paths, and make a room feel small and crowded. Alternatively, undersized furnishings tend to make a space feel empty and unfinished.

Ideally, a sofa will sit 3 - 5 inches out from a wall to give a more airy and less crowded feel to the space. Your planning should allow at least 3 feet for walkways and a range of 3 to 10 feet between each large piece of furniture. Floor lamps and end tables will often require less of a buffer, but you still want to consider their placement as well.

With all of this in mind, you can then determine the size of the space you have available for your modular seating. Compare your available space with the listed dimensions on the product page for your new modular seating. You can also compare these dimensions against any furniture you currently have in the space to help you visualize how your new choice might look.

Choose a configuration

Think about how you use your furniture. Do you entertain often? If so, you may need a lot of seats. Do you relax and nap on your sofa? A chaise may be a smart option. Does your family enjoy the styling options of accent chairs? A love seat or small sofa might be best. Do your seating needs change often? One or two extra ottomans will give you a whole lot more configuration options.

Your options are limitless when it comes to interior modular design, and allow you to get creative with the space you live in. Explore some of the most popular choices below and keep in mind these can all be extended with additional centerpieces to be made as long as you need them to be:

The Pebbles Sofa - a great option for extended sofa seating.A white linen modern sofa with five seats and a modern glass coffee table.

The Pebbles Loveseat – a comfortable modern sofa option for smaller spaces like studio apartments and single-family homes.A modern sofa loveseat in grey linen.

Abeo Lounger L-Shape Sofa – great outdoor sectional sofa that’s perfect for hosting and entertaining.Outdoor l shape sofa in grey with a low profile wooden table and two additional grey armchairs to match.

Feathers Sectional – an open ended modular seating option that’s perfect for filling more living space.Modern living room set with grey sectional sofa and a grey wooden veneer coffee table.

How you use your space

Consider how you use and move through the room where you want to place your new modular sofa. Walkway dimensions are discussed above but you also want to consider how naturally these walkways flow. For instance, it’s not ideal to put the chaise section directly next to a doorway if it will cause you to walk around it to get where you’re going. Often, placing a chaise on one side or the other will significantly close off or open up a direct path from room to room.

Design Tip: When shopping for a chaise or sectional, they will commonly be labeled as left-facing or right-facing. Right-facing means that the part of the sofa that sticks out is on your right when you are facing the sofa.

Other features to consider are air vents, windows, and architectural features. You may not want to block these with your furniture so they should be a part of the planning process when measuring and configuring your modular seating.

Building your perfect shape

Now for the fun part… building your modular sofa. Your options are virtually limitless, but once you’ve measured, planned, and selected your ideal shape, you will have a pretty solid idea of what you need. Here are just a few last suggestions:

  • Arrange your seating so that the back of the longest part is against a wall and you walk toward the open space as you enter the room.

  • Consider the focal points in your room. Arrange your seating so that no one has their back to the TV, fireplace, or amazing view.

  • Ottomans can be used in place of seats if arms or seat backs would block a view or otherwise alter the desired flow of your space.

Choose the right fabric

Finally, you’ll want to consider your fabric options. A modular sofa is usually an investment that you’ll have for quite a while. The versalite design ensures that whether your layout changes or your address, your furniture is up for the challenge. It’s important to pick a fabric that will last and that you will love for a long time. Generally, it’s a good idea to select a solid, neutral color for your modular seating. If your decor preferences change, you can easily update your space with accents and accessories and your seat will still blend perfectly. Even more importantly is choosing a fabric that will hold up over time. Selecting a fabric that is spill-resistant, stain-resistant, and anti-scratch will save you both headaches and dollars over time.

The 5th Open L Sectional – a vegan leather sofa option that’s durable and easy to clean.Loft living room with brown vegan leather L-shape sectional sofa.

The 5th Lounger – a modern sofa option that opens up the look and feel of your space with easy-to-clean vegan leather.Loft living room with brown vegan leather sofa.

Enjoy your new modular seating

Once you know what you need, you’ll want to find the modular seating that fits your style and budget. Valyōu Furniture offers several modular options in a variety of styles. You can shop their online catalog and signup for special offers and promo codes at


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