Las Vegas Showroom Designed By Award-Winning Architect

Las Vegas Showroom Designed By Award-Winning Architect
If you’re looking to redesign your living space with new furniture and searching for a furniture store to visit in person, you may want to consider a trip to Tivoli Village in Las Vegas, NV where we recently opened our third furniture showroom and first mainland location. Until now, the in-person Valyōu shopping experience could only be had in Hawaii, and this new location is part of our efforts to make gorgeous, luxurious furniture more accessible to people around the world. Whether you’re a resident of the city that never sleeps or visiting from out of town, our new showroom is worth a look because of its remarkable design and unique furniture options.

We currently house six different brands with a wide assortment of unique furniture, and each of them have their own distinct aesthetics that appeal to specific buyer personas. Each piece of furniture, including our popular and unique living room furniture, is carefully crafted for certain lifestyles and complementary to a variety of interests. Our new showroom brilliantly displays each of our brands in one place and resembles a high end furniture store that is inviting and inspiring for everyone who walks through the doors.

Meet Miona Mijić
To champion our commitment to fashion-forward furniture, we worked with award-winning architect, Miona Mijić, who completed this project remotely from her home country, Serbia. “Design is all about giving people an experience and we did that by fusing ‘scenes’ throughout the showroom with colors and textures similar to each of Valyōu’s brands’ products,” says Miona.

Miona has competed in several international open competitions and created the winning design for Nelt Winery & Distillery in Serbia while also developing many residential and commercial spaces around the world. With a canvas of 3,000 square feet, she began ideating our Vegas showroom in June 2021 and came up with a few concepts before finalizing the design.

Creating the Concept
Miona and her team were based in four different locations while designing so they had to collaborate virtually, which required them to depend on drawings, photos, and videos from those onsite. She was essentially “designing blind” since she had to calibrate measurements and configure the customer experience without stepping foot inside the showroom. On top of being in a completely different timezone, the team was also limited to having only a month to complete this project.

Miona and her team managed to design a seamless customer experience that begins at the initial steps taken through the front doors. “It was like trying to blend six unique personalities under one roof to make them a cohesive family while still maintaining their individuality,” says Miona.

The first concept she envisioned for the showroom was an open concept that focused on guiding customers through the space and leading them to different stages that set a scene for each of our brands’ offerings. All partition walls would be removed so customers could see where they were supposed to go next. To push visual interest, Miona tried adding curtains around each stage so there was more separation between each brand, which would encourage customers to look at what’s behind each veil. Although this plan was close to being the winning design, it ended up making the space look temporary and alterable, which took away from products appearing attainable and like a possible permanent addition to customers’ homes. The ultimate focus for this project was to make sure shoppers feel immersed in the space they’re in while still having their movement throughout the showroom guided by the design. This led to the third and final concept with a perspective based, lifestyle display.

Upon entering, customers are welcomed by an open commercial-style concept that introduces pine wood shelving and dark steel accents, giving the space fluidity but also division of the six brand zones in a way that overlaps just enough. The openness allows customers to get a good look at individual brands within their respective areas while still being able to view other surrounding options.

The showroom’s layout coincides with the aspirational pillar of our core values and serves as a source of inspiration for customers. Placement of furniture is purposeful throughout the showroom and allows potential buyers to imagine their own living space filled with a storytelling set design. The climax of the design is that while you are standing in one story or “set design” and can envision it in your space, you can simultaneously look around and see other potential stories or “set designs” that invite you to visualize another experience.

“Imagine standing in a contemporary Italian living room and the feeling you get of what your lifestyle can be, only to look over and see an industrial vintage room also calling your name,” says Amina El Kadiri., Valyōu's Interior Design Expert. The team’s designers kept Valyōu’s efforts of accessibility at the forefront and ensured everyone walking through the showroom would be able to see the possibility of owning luxe furnishings that complement any style.

Showroom Magic
Valyōu furniture collections are made with expert, artistic vision that are best represented in a 3D space. Visiting a Valyōu showroom allows you to experience unique furniture in their best light as art and accessories provide a manicured look that’s closer to what you would see in your own home. Expertly designed showrooms allow you to immerse yourself in the space by feeling the fabrics and finding your level of comfort, and our top-tier designers know how to map out every detail from background to lighting, and juxtaposition to natural movement patterns in order to give you the full effect and endless inspiration.

Real life, real time design assistance is also available at every Valyōu showroom. The showroom team has been trained by top-tier designers to offer interior styling and high-level design choices tailored to your needs and vision. Furniture experts are ready to answer your questions in person about materials, sourcing, delivery, advice on pairings, accessories, and function – we want to help you design the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Valyōu is always looking for a reason to celebrate or show appreciation to customers, so we host in-store events throughout the year with engaging entertainment, refreshments, giveaways, contests, and so much more. There are tons of great products for you to touch and see and try out first hand. If you see something you like, you can place an order in-store and we will ship it to wherever it is you call home in the continental U.S. We can’t wait to see you at the new showroom in Tivoli Village.

You can view more highlights about designer Miona here and watch the video to see her winning concept come to life. Visit to view our full selection of products and subscribe to our emails to stay up to date on sales, new products, and events.

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