Valyōu Enters B2B & Furniture Rental Market

Valyōu Enters B2B & Furniture Rental Market

Valyōu Furniture Enters B2B Space and Individualized Interior Design Services With New Program. Valyōu Spaces will work with real estate partners and property owners to design and furnish newly-purchased homes and apartments.


UNITED STATES, AUG. 08, 2022. Valyōu Furniture has announced the launch of Valyōu Spaces, the company's first business-to-business interior design service that’s also available for anyone looking to have their living space designed and fully furnished by renowned interior designers. Currently, Valyōu Spaces is actively entering partnerships with real estate businesses and professionals in search of design services and furniture rentals for owner-occupied or rental properties. Valyōu Spaces is also gaining traction as a B2C service with current residents inquiring to restyle their home interiors with rental and purchased furniture.

The most comprehensive Valyōu Spaces package, Black, provides everything a person needs in a home including linen, cutlery, dishes, toiletries, and even candles. This turnkey service allows customers to walk into a completely furnished and accessorized living space.

The Valyōu Spaces program is equipped to serve real estate partners and provide design service directly to consumers, helping them move into a professionally-designed space that's fully furnished according to their personal preferences. Valyōu Spaces' services are available in three tiers, each with different costs and service levels:

  • Comfort, starting at $500 per month
  • Luxe, starting at $700 per month
  • Black, starting at $900 per month

Speaking on the launch, Valyōu Furniture co-founder said, "Valyou Spaces is a game-changing opportunity for property owners and residents looking to make their moving process as seamless as possible. Our expert designers know how to create spaces that fit all kinds of lifestyles and budgets, taking the guesswork out of how to fully furnish living spaces."

With three tiers of service, Valyōu is able to provide an array of solutions to meet most budgets. While the Comfort package includes basic furnishings throughout the home, those willing to pay a little more for the Luxe design tier will benefit from complementary accessories and fixtures in addition to their furniture, as well as design plans created by the company's hotel design team. The Black tier is Valyōu Spaces' top service tier, which is predicted to be a popular choice for consumers considering the convenience and efficiency it provides. Customers can expect all designs to include furniture and accessories from Valyōu’s top brands such as Milloze, Foundry, and Mario Capasa.

The Valyōu Spaces Team is eager to enter new partnerships and design projects for residents in the immediate future. Its team works directly with property owners and real estate professionals to foster business relationships that function seamlessly. Furthermore, customers looking for the ultimate rental furniture service or fully furnished interior design package can get in touch to start their customized plan.

Those interested in partnering with the brand or seeking their design work can learn more about Valyōu Spaces.

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