It Feels Good To Be Home.

Valyou Furniture started as a small, passionate company dedicated to bringing modern furniture styles to the islands. As a local brand that grew nationwide, we always remembered our roots and the people who supported us from the start.

Today, We’ve reimagined Valyou to bring you a new shopping experience— putting the people of Hawaii First. Meet the new Valyōu Furniture—easier, better, faster, and more reliable than ever.

Exclusive Pricing

We've further reduced our prices in Hawaii, now 5-20% lower than mainland costs, making us the only brand with such competitive pricing in the region.

Free Delivery in Oahu

Whether it's the largest sofa or a small side table, we guarantee free delivery on every order for all customers on Oahu Island.

Time Guaranteed

Ordering a pre-order or custom item? The promised delivery date on the website is assured. If it's delayed, you'll receive 10% cash back for each week of delay.

Free Trial Period

Unlike the standard three-day return window at other Hawaii furniture stores, Valyou offers you two weeks of free returns to make sure your furniture is the perfect fit for your ohana.

Warranty Guaranteed

Enjoy a 1-year extended warranty on all our items. If anything breaks or gets damaged, we'll replace or repair it for you.

Our Journey Back to Hawaii

A Timeline of Valyou Furniture

Sep 2018

The Beginning

Kapolei Showroom

When we moved to Hawaii, we were struck by the high costs and long wait times for quality furniture. To solve this, we launched our first showroom in Kapolei in 2018, with the goal of bringing stylish, affordable furniture to our local community.

Feb 2020

Expanding Locally

Honolulu Showroom

As part of our commitment to Hawaii, we opened our second showroom on Ala Moana Blvd in 2020. This location allowed our local community to experience our unique furniture pieces firsthand.


Adapting to New Challenges

Online Website

The onset of Covid-19 posed significant challenges for us all. Prioritizing the safety of our community, we temporarily closed our physical showrooms and pivoted to enhance our online presence. We expanded our range of furniture pieces and grew our team, ensuring that our customers could continue to furnish their homes safely and conveniently.

Jun 2021

A New Frontier

DTLA Showroom

In 2021, we took a significant step by expanding to the mainland, opening our first showroom in Downtown Los Angeles. This move marked a new chapter in our journey, bringing our beloved Hawaiian brand to a broader audience.

Jan 2022

Broadening Our Horizons

Las Vegas Showroom

In 2022, we continued our mainland expansion with a new showroom in Las Vegas. This location offered unique furniture options for residents near Summerlin and the large mainland community visiting Vegas, Nevada.

May 2024

Growing Our Presence

Melrose Showroom

Our most recent addition came in June 2024 with the opening of our 5th showroom on Melrose Avenue in California. This location reinforced our brand's presence on the mainland and showcased our unique design philosophy.

Jul 2024

Returning to Our Roots

Hawaii Rebrand

Now, we are thrilled to announce our return to Hawaii with a renewed focus on our local community. Our mission is to make your design dreams come true with Valyou Furniture, offering you faster, easier, and better solutions. We're excited to bring our journey full circle, celebrating the vibrant spirit of Hawaii and our commitment to you.

Join us in this exciting new chapter as we bring the best of Valyou Furniture back to where it all began. 🌺

Easier.  Faster.  Better.

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Faster. Easier. Better.