Newport Dining Table

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Color: White

Cone-temporary design

Are you tired of eating off a boring rectangular table? Then it's time to add some flavor to your dining experience with this cone-temporary design dining table! Our Newport Dining Table is sure to turn heads and impress your guests with its unique and modern look.

In Real Life

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Dining domain

Food meets fashion! This dining table will have your guests' jaws dropping as they dine on a tabletop so polished and smooth. Made with pure slab stone.

Dinner in the round

With its sleek 12mm thick tabletop and smooth edges with nice curves, your dinner guests will be circling around this table in awe.

Upside-down dining

Not only does it add an element of fun to your dining experience, but its thick leg triangle design on inverted cone also ensures that it's durable and sturdy enough to withstand even the most rambunctious of dinner parties!

Invert the norm

So why stick to the boring and typical design of rectangular tables when you can have a unique round dining table that turns heads? This playful piece will elevate any meal and make dining with your loved ones even more enjoyable!


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