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Explore Valyou Homes in 3D

Explore Valyou Homes in 3D

Welcome to the brand-spankin'-new Valyou Furniture Explore in 3D blog series. Are you someone who likes to tour private homes, interior decorate, and go open housing on the weekend? Yes? Us too! So, allow us to introduce you to the newest, latest trend and technology in which to indulge yourself in this undeniable pleasure from home. "Whaaaaaaa? From home," you say? Yes...yes, we do. Valyou is providing you a way to explore in 3D the homes we've staged as they prepare for sale by leveraging the very popular 3D mapping technology created by Matterport®. (Don't worry, the real experience is much higher definition than our little animation above.) Yup, you can explore these homes right now, with nothing more than your cell phone. No apps to download...no special anything needed...just the smartphone and the ability to tap, swipe, and pinch the screen on the phone on which you're likely reading this blog.

If you've ever checked out Google Map's Street View or Google Earth, this experience will feel somewhat familiar. The big boost here is that you'll be touring a couple really cleanly designed homes. You can see how the home stagers use Valyou Furniture to turn what would be empty, bland spaces into comfortable, homey experiences. Grab some ideas for your own home from their expert stylings and smart use of space. See how our furniture looks in a real home with a comprehensive design. Kinda takes the showroom- or online-guesswork out of trying to figure out how a piece of furniture fits into human scale.

This is a new feature we've implemented here at Valyou to assist you in the buying process and entertain you in general. We trust that we aren't alone in loving to explore homes and appreciate the design or stylings used by the pros. If you're like us and enjoy this, we think you'll find exploring at your own pace in our Matterport® models to be very entertaining and informative, but do let us know in the comments section below. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

So, without further ado, we present our first 3D model.

91-1001 Waiinu St, Ewa Beach, Hawaii

It's a 3-bed, 3-bath townhouse. The home stager, Cami Householder, owner of Householder Home Staging, said, "I freakin' adore Valyou Furniture. I own a bunch of it and am thrilled to be using it here. I was nervous that I wouldn't have everything I wanted because so much of my current Valyou inventory, esp. the Feathers stuff, is in a $7.2M house on Black Point right now. Thankfully, I had what I needed and it looks so great. I'm in love with these chairs [she points to the dining room set] that look so great with this monkey pod table. I think I'm just gonna have to buy more. They are so versatile. It almost doesn't matter what table I pair them with, they work. They just work."

When asked how she felt about the quality of the furniture, she got quiet, like someone might be listening (though we were alone in the house) and said, "Ok, follow me." She took me upstairs and pointed to a tiny couch sitting in the office space and said, "See

that...DON'T SIT ON IT. I bought that from [enter other e-commerce shop] and it's crap. I mean I love it for staging because it's as light as paper but it's also about as sturdy as paper. I would have been sooooo bummed if I'd ordered that for my own house. I have kids. It'd have been broken in a matter of hours. Looks nice as staging, I guess. Not as nice as the Feathers stuff though. I could never use this thing in my luxury homes." I guess she loves our Feathers line. Explore all round it in 3D in this model by clicking the orange play button:

1810 Kaio'o Dr #B403, Honolulu, Hawaii

Next up is a 1-bed, 1-bath condo on the northwest end of world-renowned Waikiki. It's at 1810 Kaio'o Dr #B403, a couple blocks off the beach and a great place to get away. The stager and listing agent, Joe Di Condina of Coldwell Banker, did a stellar job of revealing how livable 561 sq. ft. of space can be by smart furniture choices and smart placement. I love how he used 3 chairs around the tulip dining table. Keeping the furniture colors bright but not purely stark white made for a clean but not sterile, light and energized feeling. Choose sturdy but elevated chairs and sofa prevented anything from feeling heavy or overdone. Plenty of breathing room. Exactly what you'd want if you live in Waikiki. (Sidebar: I loved his use of a canvas on the wall to represent where one could place a TV opposite the lovely green Valmoana sofa.)

Explore this condo in 3D here:

Wanna see more?

Did you enjoy exploring in 3D? What types of homes would you like to see us visit next? Leave comments below and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive notice when we post our next Hawaii 3D home tour.

Would you like us to furnish and create a 3D model of a home in your town? Have you furnished your home with our furniture? Let us know where you are and let's see if we can make a 3D tour happen for you.

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