What Is A Washable Couch

What Is A Washable Couch

A washable couch seems too good to be true, right? I’m a naturally skeptical person, so I’m not easily persuaded by claims such as these. When I first heard of this relatively recent design innovation, like with many “design innovations” I thought, “What? This can’t be real.” My very next thought was, “Well, I mean, when it comes right down to it, all couches are technically washable?” Right? Drag it out into your lawn, scrub it down like you would a car, hose it off, and – badaboom badabing – you have a washed couch. I certainly don’t want to know what happens to that couch over the next few hours and days though. So . . . maybe it’s just some gimmicky phrase to get me to buy cheap slipcovers? But, after a few months of hearing about washable couches, I did my homework and, guess what? I bought one. And, well, it’s the real deal.

Valyōu Furniture has released their Feathers Collection of washable sofas, sectionals, ottomans, and armchairs. They’re high-quality pieces of furniture designed with real people in mind. We all lead somewhat messy lives. Whether it’s from your third glass of wine or your fur baby’s favorite napping spot, your couch just isn’t going to stay spotless forever. That’s where the washable couch comes in.

You may have cleaned your couch before, but you’ve never cleaned it quite like this.

No More Hiring Pricey Steam Cleaners

Maybe you’ve had your couch cleaned before. If so, you’ll recognize the steps. Step 1: agonize. Spot clean it myself, steam clean it myself, or hire a pro? Then, research pros and their pricing. Look at my schedule to determine when I can invite a pro to interrupt the better part of my day. Agonize more: have the pro clean one couch? All upholstery? Should I get the carpets done while s/he's here? How about the drapes? %@$&*! Schedule the pro. Wonder if they'll show up on time? Wonder if they'll cancel after I've already scheduled the day free. Receive the pro. Make obnoxious small talk. Make and offer refreshments so s/he doesn't feel rushed and does a good job. Breathe the stank air of a steamer pulling whatever-the-hell out of my couch covers. Be patient as this goes on forever. Get the departing instructions which include "don't use the couch until it's fully dry" (about 24 hours which turns into 72 hours) and a "musty smell is natural as the water that has penetrated into the cushions dries." Spend days trying to keep the kids and pets off the couch. Fail. Hope for the best anyway. Vow never to let anyone use the couch again. Fail again. Vow to get a new couch before I ever go thru this hell again. Get smacked in the face with the bill and all of the unspoken charges, fees, and taxes making my eyes bleed. Cry a little. Dry my tears. Wait are those tears or blood. Who knows. Who cares? SMH. It’s an obnoxious process but, hey, at least the couch is spotless for the next few weeks (or hours).

What if there was a faster and less expensive way to get your couch squeaky clean? With a washable couch, you can do it from home in the time it takes to finish a couple loads of laundry.

But how would you wash a couch in your washing machine? I’m glad you asked.

Not Your Grandma’s Couch Covers

Like mine did, your mind might immediately go to slipcovers here, but you’d be mistaken. Gone are the days of awkwardly stretching or tucking a one-size-fits-none piece of fabric over your furniture for the sake of easy cleaning or just hiding the stain that looks like someone was murdered on your couch.

The Feathers couch is built with simple cleaning in mind. Every inch of upholstery is removable and machine washable, for a furniture experience like you’ve never imagined.
Simply unzip the upholstery from the cushions and base, slide them off, and gently wash them in cold water. No need to worry about stretchy, shapeless material, either. The material on the Feathers couch is made to fit snuggly back onto the base and cushions. Put them back on while they’re slightly still damp to make things easier and to ensure a perfectly tailored fit without the deep soaking of cushions that take forever to dry. Most dryers today have a “nearly dry” or “less dry” setting that is great for knowing when to take them out and put them on the couch again.

Designed To Last

The Feathers washable couch upholstery is made of linen, Egyptian cotton, and microfiber that stays soft to the touch after every wash. It won’t pill or wear easily just because you’re throwing it in the washer. As long as you’re handling it correctly, your couch should stay soft, plush, and comfortable for years to come.

Also, if your 8-year-old slices through the upholstery on Christmas morning as she tries on her new ice skates, don’t panic. It’s unfortunate, yes, but fortunately it’s not the end of the world. You can always replace the cover(s) for pennies compared to having it reupholstered. With fully removable upholstery, your couch can look brand new forever.

Look, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m proud to be a bit of a homebody. So, this is a welcome relief from the thought of having to hire strangers to perform an in-home cleaning. I feel free! (Well, I mean, I definitely still can’t wash my wall-to-wall carpet by myself...but progress is progress.) I’m in love with my Feathers sofa and I fall in love with it again every time I pull the spring-fresh upholstery from my dryer.

Learn more about the Feathers washable couch from Valyōu here.

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