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Six Reasons Your Next Couch Should Be A Washable

Six Reasons Your Next Couch Should Be A Washable

You know that feeling when you come straight from the shower to a comfy bed and snuggle into freshly washed sheets? It’s the best, right? The soft, pillowy embrace, the lovely smell, the feeling of crisp, clean comfort simply can’t be beaten. We all need more of that in life, and not just in the bedroom. The washable sofa has entered the chat…

Imagine coming home to a beautifully cleaned couch, smelling like fresh laundry as often as you would like. Did you imagine it? I mean, have you ever? Couldn’t you just die? It’s really little luxuries that make life sweet - those simple moments that pull us into a worry-free place if just for a few moments.

Setting aside the obvious question, “What the hell even is a washable couch?” and beside adding a huge boost to self-care, why would you want a washable couch? There are some practical reasons, of course. For example, a washable couch makes it a breeze to live on your furniture while still presenting a beautiful and clean home. The days of owning furniture purely for show have slipped away along with great-grandma’s plastic slipcovers.

Here are six more reasons to upgrade to a washable couch today.

  1. You Have Kids

Whether your house is like a schoolyard or a museum with the occasional adorable little guests, even the quickest couch can’t outrun those delightfully sticky little fingers and faces. Kids know how to have fun, and they throw caution to the wind in the process. Whether it’s toddlers armed with a sippy full of juice, big kids with a flair for art, or a teen athlete with a shower aversion, your couch has more targets on it than the back wall of that ax-throwing place you went to for your best friend’s bachelorette party. Embrace your offspring’s joy for life and play right along with them. When thoughts of laboriously cleaning couch cushions are out the window, you are free to join in on the fun and games. When it’s time for cleanup, just toss the kids in the bath and the couch casualties in the washer and go on enjoying your time with your cute little creatures of chaos.

  1. You Know How to Relax

So, it’s been a day, but you made it through. Red wine is calling your name. You already have your fuzzy socks locked and loaded. Now, just kick back, relax, and put your feet up without a care in the world. Suddenly, visions of full-bodied merlot colliding with Seafoam Dream upholstery fill your head. Gurrrlll, you don’t need that kind of stress in your life. That’s why you need a couch that holds up to whatever you throw at it day after day. A living room is for living, and that’s exactly what you mean to do in yours. Never sacrifice the things that bring you joy for the sake of upkeep. It’s 2021, and you can have it all!

  1. Your Pets Are Family

You have never been the type to deny a “good boy” the best seat in the house. What’s the point of having nice things if we can’t share them with the ones we love? Pets bring so much love into our homes. Love, mud, leaves, dirt, piddles, hair, random sticks - it’s really a package deal. Some might say that puppy cuddles are worth a stain or two. Some may even argue that cat hair is a necessary evil. However, you know that you don’t have to sacrifice having a clean home if you have pets. Nose boops and kisses, wags and purrs, comfort and cleanliness. This is truly a great time to be alive.

  1. You Live a Wash-n-Wear Lifestyle

Work smarter, not harder. It’s a way of life. It’s your way of life. No shade. No shame. There are only so many hours in the day, and you want to enjoy as many of them as possible. You plan ahead to make the most of your time with products that are easy and efficient. A coffee pot on a timer, crockpot meals on the weekdays, listening to audiobooks while you tidy up are great ways to maximize your productivity with super easy setups. Why not add washing the couch while you’re on your daily run? A set it and forget it approach to cleaning upholstery simplifies your to-do list while freeing up a ton of time in your day.

  1. You Want Your Home to Look Fabulous

You are a real person, with real life happening in your home, but you can still have a living room worth showing off. It’s a great feeling to receive compliments on our decor, and you don’t even feel bad admitting that. Still, you know there is more to life than presenting a nice image. You want to enjoy your home and the moments you share in it. Part of the enjoyment we feel is taking comfort in a clean, well-cared-for environment. We feel more relaxed in a clean home. Our minds are at ease when everything is as it should be. Here’s the thing, we don’t have to spend hours of our day and tons of elbow grease to have everything looking neat, tidy, and in order. A washable couch is the simplest way to keep your living room looking great. And, don’t forget that fresh laundry smell!

  1. You Like to Change Things Up

Washable = removable = interchangeable. Once you remove the covers of a washable couch, you have options for which covers you want to put back on. This opens up so many possibilities. You might be the type that decorates for each season. While it’s impractical to buy new furniture four times a year, you can totally switch out covers as often as you like. If you are planning a move, you want a couch that holds up during the process. You also want one that you know will fit the theme of a new space. Even when you don’t yet know what that space will look like. When you find the perfect couch, you want to continue enjoying it for years to come. With swappable covers, you can easily keep the same structure and comfort you love with the ability to match any theme, season, or mood.

The Washable Couch Is a Game Changer

Remember life before Instant Pots? No, me either, and who would want to? You know that saying, “The best thing since sliced bread”? There was literally a time before sliced bread! Mind blown. Just wait til you get to tell your grandkids, “Back in my day we had to hire a guy to come in and clean our couch for us, and it wasn’t cheap! If I would have spilled grape juice on your great-grandma’s couch...well, let’s just say you wouldn’t be here today to spill grape juice on my couch. So count your lucky stars all you have to do is put this new fangled thing-a-ma-jig in the washer.” When you’re done daydreaming about harassing your future grandkids, imagine the feeling Betty White had when she saw sliced bread for the first time. All the awe, glory, and ready to make PB&Js, I’m sure it was a sight to behold. You, too, can experience this innovation euphoria. With your new washable couch, you (and most definitely your kids) will wonder how you ever managed before.

If you don’t know where to start, check out this Feathers sectional that is completely washable, sized for most rooms, and best of all super cute. Maybe you're still wondering what the hell even is a washable couch. Don't worry, the complete overview is up next!

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