Allendra Bar Chair

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Color: Brown

Introducing the Moana Collection.

Valyou is where design dreams come true. This is the foundation of everything we do. And with our origins in Hawaii, we recognize the importance of sustainable living, which is why we're proud to introduce our new eco-friendly collection.

Crafted with Love & Attention To Detail.

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand, and we're committed to showing the world that you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. Each piece is made entirely from recycled teak wood in Bali. Not only will you be making a conscious choice for the environment, but your home will be transformed with a unique touch of sustainable style.

Good For Our Planet.

Don't let these sustainable treasures sail away from you, make your home the talk of the island. Trust us, these pieces are not just a good investment for your decor but also for our planet.


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