Feathers 1-Seater - Armless

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Color: Grey

Add ultra stain resistant repellant


The Feathers Sofa comes with stain resistant covers that rejects small spills and stains. The ultra stain resistant repellant provides an extra layer of security for those messier moments.



The Most Customizable Sofa

We mean it when we say this deep feather sofa is not just comfortable - it's customizable too! Adjust the firmness, leg height, and easily upgrade the covers to your heart's content. Take your pick of the grey or beige, both with a comfortable fit. Ready for the Feathers feeling?

Customizable Comfort

With the Feathers Filling,easily adjust and refill cushions to customize your density. Need a little boost? Simply refresh your cushions with additional Sofa filling as needed - unzip, stuff, and you're done. Instantly revives your cushions, keeping your sofa looking and feeling new.

Feathers Filling

Customizable Height

The Feathers Collection's sofa legs come standard at 2 inches, offering a sleek, close-to-the-ground look. For those seeking a higher stance, Give your Feathers Sofa a quick leg-up in life - no tools needed! Just insert the 6" couch legs, twist to lock, and bam, sofa makeover complete.

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Spill? What Spill?

Say hello to the next level of Spill-Proof Sofas with The Feathers Collection. Worry Less, it's built to last with water and stain-resistant fabric - in other words, stress relief.

Machine Washable - For those Messier Moments

Good news? There’s no need to plastic wrap the furniture. This machine washable couch sectional has fully edge to edge removable covers for any of those ‘oops’ moments.

Stronger than its critics!

Capable of withstanding the wear and tear of even the wildest of children and pets, this sofa can take a beating & keep on sitting! Its impressive resistance to stains, tears, and the occasional spilled drink makes it the perfect piece of furniture to grace any home. So if you're looking for a sofa that will last as long as you do, this is the one for you!

In Real Life

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Sensationally soft

118% softer than a regular sofa (tested against 13 sofas that claimed to be soft in December 2019). Sink into HD memory foam and fiber blend, with back-rest cushions made for maximum comfort.

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