Loft Sofa 2.0

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Color: Brown

Out with the old, in with the new

Introducing the Loft 2.0 sofa - the sofa that's got a whole lot of benefits and is the perfect blend of modern and comfort. Firstly, forget about stiff backs and sore butts - this sofa is a game-changer because now it reclines! But don't get too relaxed because you might accidentally drift off and end up binge-watching the entire season in one night. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just a gentle warning.

In Real Life

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Recline and unwind

The reclining feature is so effortless and easy to use, even your grandma can master it! just a push of a button, you can transform the Loft 2.0 Sofa from a regular couch into a lounging paradise.

Worry-free sofa living

But that's not all - Thanks to its performance leather fabric, it can withstand all the spills and stains you can throw at it (literally, we tested it). It's resistant to those pesky coffee spills and even the remnants of that Netflix marathon night where you ate a whole bag of popcorn.

Feather-soft foam filled fun

Now, let's talk about the filling used for this baby - Mario Capasa knew what he was doing and have taken it up a notch. You get not one but two layers of foam and feather filling! That's right, you can literally sink into this sofa. You'll be so comfortable you'll forget you even own a bed!

Rest & relaxation revolutionized

So go ahead and take a load off, kick your feet up, and let the Loft 2.0 Sofa take care of your relaxation needs. Just be warned – once you try it out, you may never want to leave!


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