Martini Coffee Table

Sale price$299.95
Est Delivery Nov 03

Size: Large
Color: Black

The perfect addition to your living space

Get ready to experience an exquisite sipping session with the Martini Coffee Table. This furniture piece offers a perfect blend of style and substance that is perfect for any home décor setting. Crafted with precision and quality, this coffee table boasts a high-quality finishing that will leave you awe-struck.

No fingerprints! Low maintenance!

Features an electrostatic powder spraying technique that ensures it stays glossy and shiny, but that's not all! It comes with fine sand paint finishing that gives it a better texture and it is Anti-Fingerprint which means no pesky fingerprints ruining your stunning table.

Shaped surface technology

This round table is specially designed to provide a smooth and comfortable surface for all your coffee-drinking needs. No more bumping your shins against the sharp edges or a rambunctious toddler running around.

Strong Stability.

Featuring a heavy base design, this table is stable and won't topple even with the heaviest books, decorative objects, or glasses that you might want to place on top.

Coffee tables set, made for each other.

Multiple use for one piece. Large size can work as a coffee table while the small size can be side tables. Possibility is limitless.


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