Milano Recliner Sofa

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Color: Grey

Your perfect two-seat retreat

Looking for a cozy haven to share with your loved one? Look no further than our Milano Recliner Sofa, where comfort meets cuddles and relaxation is a double delight. Sink into its plush cushions and experience a retreat like no other, where every moment spent together becomes your own personal paradise.

In Real Life

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With the power of buttons

Made with leather fabric and a filling bouncy sponge, this sofa is perfect for sinking into after a long day. Plus, with its operated mechanism, you have the power to adjust your sitting angle up to 134 degrees! Press and hold the electric button A to go all the way and sink deep into comfort. Or press and hold button B to completely reset.

Double the comfort, twice the fun!

Designed to provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation for your back also. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite show or simply unwinding after a long day, this clever and cozy chair is the perfect partner for your posterior pleasures!

Kick back relaxation

Kick back and sink into pure bliss with our Recliner Two Seat sofa that effortlessly combines durability, sturdiness, and heavy-duty support, promising to provide a seating experience so relaxing, you might just forget the existence of Monday mornings!

The cuddle-comfy recliner

Every evening becomes a plush paradise where relaxation meets togetherness, creating the ultimate cuddle-comfy haven for you and your favorite snuggle buddy. So go ahead, take a seat and embark on a world of warmth and contentment – after all, happiness is always just a recline away!


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