Pumpkin Accent Chair

Sale price$299.95
Est Delivery Nov 16

Color: White

Add pumpkin spice to your living room!

Don't settle for a basic old armchair - upgrade to the Pumpkin Accent Chair. This thing is so soft and snuggly, you'll swear it's stuffed with actual pumpkin spice. And get this - it's made with new 3D teddy fleece fabric! That's right, this chair is softer than a baby bunny in a cashmere sweater.

Squash your stress away

But the real kicker is the 3D concave shape. What does that even mean? Well, basically it's like sitting in a big ol' pumpkin-shaped hug. We've scientifically designed this chair to contour to your body, so you can feel enveloped in cozy comfort.

The power of rotation

Want to show off your Halloween costume to everyone in the room? Just spin in its 360-degree rotating swivel function. Feeling too lazy to get up and grab the remote? No problem, just twist and turn until you're facing the TV.

Fashion-forward couch

Choose from three fabulous colors - white, grey, and pink. Want to be the fairest pumpkin in the patch? Go with white. Feeling like a classic with a touch of darkness? Grey is the way to go. Feeling girly and spunky? Pink is your new pumpkin spice latte.


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