The 5th Sofa

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Color: Beige
Side: Facing Left - 118 Inch

Sit, Sprawl, Snore.

Forget sinking into quicksand; The 5th Modular Sofa offers the full embrace with its Plush Seating. The Designer Sectional is an 18" mattress decked with three luxurious layers of foam, feathers, and springs. Experience the comfort of a bed with the elegance of a sofa.

In Real Life

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Fifth Dimensional Comfort.

Some might question, what about the 1st to the 4th versions? Well, let's not ask difficult questions now, shall we? It took the designers four iterations to achieve Plush Seating and relaxation from the head right down to the seat.

Now that’s Deep.

The designers have curated the plush seat that is as fashionable as it is cozy and roomy. Even the longest legs and sturdiest thighs would exclaim, Finally, a sofa that gets me!

Your Arm is Invited to the Party.

Why should your arms lack comfort while the rest of your body basks in plush seating on The 5th Sectional Couch. Spacious enough for trays, the family cat, or to safely place your sacred machine that plays both Netflix and Zoom meetings - your beloved laptop.

Spill Proof

The 5th Modular Sofa isn't just visually appealing - The Designer Sectional is for real-life usage. All three colors resist stains, water, and scratching from pets.

The only hard part? Choosing the colors.

Whether you fancy the timeless class of Black Performance Leather, the natural allure of Brown Performance Leather or the fresh Neutral sofa made of Beige Fabric Blend, regardless of the variant you choose, the 5th Modular Sofa guarantees comfort.

Hassle-Free Assembly.

Assembling The 5th Sofa is a breeze with our Quick-Click Latches. There are no scattered screws or spare pieces of wood to worry about. It's so simple to assemble, even your grandmother could do it with her eyes closed!

Feel the Comfort In Every Layer.

- 3 Layers of Soft Foam
- Soft Feathers
- Springs


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